Ellen H.
We have used Diamond State Pest Control as our "go to" company since the mid-1970s. We have always trusted them to do the best, safest, most cost effective job possible. We currently have on ongoing contract with them to service our home every three months. We also call them when there is any problem with one of our 6 rental properties. In our mind, there is no other choice for this service. We like to support this family owned, local business.

A relationship that has survived thirty plus years pretty much tells the story.
Mary L.
I use Diamond State Pest Control Co. I recently got them about two years ago. I spend XXXX a year for the termite thing. They comeback yearly now for inspection, and the last time they came in for their routine service. They seem all rite and I have no problems with them. I would refer everyone to use their services.
Raye Ann L
I was having a problem with mice. They were taking over the house They came out went through the entire house to look for sightings. He covered every room in the house plus the garage. Very friendly and answered every question I asked. I called on a Friday and they came out first thing Monday morning, very prompt. I was very satisfied with their promptness, the time he spent with me with my questions (never felt rushed or like he was in a hurry to get to the next job). Very professional. And although the cost was a little high for their first time out, if I decide to sign a yearly contract service agreement with them, the amount will be adjusted to the contract agreement.
Michael P.
They treated our house inside and out. I am very satisfied with Andrew & Paul Kaercher at Diamond State Pest Control. I just purchased a home that was vacant for 2 years and when we moved in, so did the ants! I called them and Paul answered the phone, (and he answers the phone every time), and I told him I was having a Memorial Day BBQ and I needed the ants to leave so my guests would stay! He set an appointment to treat our home the next day and the ants were no where to be seen at our BBQ. All pest companies are competitively priced so service is the only thing that can set them apart, and we are very satisfied with Andrew & Paul at Diamond State. We're on a quarterly program to keep the pests away.
Vivian F.
Hi Paul,
Thanks so much for all your help and quick assistance.

My neighbor, Steve R., stopped by today and said he knew you. I told him what a fantastic job you did and he agreed that you were the best!

Again many thanks for your quick and efficient response and work. In today's business world, its usually not the norm, and believe me, I greatly appreciate your expertise!
Diamond State Pest Control • Smyrna, DE 19977 • (302) 734-1983