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Ants in the winter???

"It's the middle of winter and I've got ants in my kitchen, what's going on, and what can I do about it?" Well, back in the fall, an ant colony moved inside your walls to hibernate for the winter. When we have a warm spell, the sun and the warm air heat up that wall. The ants break hibernation and look for food and water. Outside, the ground is cold, and there is no food, so ants start looking for food and water inside your house. What to do? 1- We can do an ant treatment inside your house. 2- You can wait until it gets cold again, and most likely the ants will go back into hibernation. Hopefully when spring comes, the ants will move outdoors. The other scenario is that the ants continue to forage for food and water inside your house. In which case you may want to opt for choice number 1.

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